A bit about Me

If I could define myself in two words, they would be: Eternal Learner.
Since I was a toddler, I have always enjoyed asking questions about my surroundings and wanting to know how and why things work and programming was no exception.
I started researching more on how to write programs and games and finally got involved with CodeAcademy and FreeCodeCamp which gave me my first real insight into the world of Web Development.
I have fallen in love with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, but besides front-end I am also increasingly curious about back-end programming, machine learning and game development.
I joined the Just IT, a self-funded program, in order to achieve my dream of entering the most fascinating industry on the planet.
One of my biggest passions is to learn and create new things, and the biggest reward is to put this knowledge to use and improve someone else's life with it.
If a day goes by in which I haven't learnt anything new, that day has been wasted.

Key Skills

These are the main skills that I feel most comfortable with.
Coding is a life-long learning experience and with each new project that I finish, I become impatient thinking of what my next project will look like!

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Javascript
  • React.js
  • WordPress
  • Java
  • Photoshop
  • C#
  • API Integration
  • Responsive Design



Inst. Politecnico Beja • Creative Media Production

After finishing secondary school and still looking for a career in technology, I wasn't sure which path to follow. So I did a post-production course, on which I learned a lot of skills, such as Photoshop, Premier, Flash, among others. I realized that my love for technology wasn't only in using software but also understanding how it work and how to build it. So that started my road to code ...


Eden Resort **** • Head Bartender

After leaving my university, I resumed working as a Bartender and began to work for a 4-Star Resort in the South of Portugal. This was a valuable experience because it was here that I started thinking about the idea of coming to London.
I worked as a waiter and head bartender, mostly with British guests.
I learned a lot about hospitality during my time here and left as a more complete employee.


Smiths of Smithfield • Bar Supervisor

On my arrival in London, I joined this company as a bartender, but soon I found myself enjoying more the Art of Cocktail Making. I became more involved with the whole process, eventually started writing the Cocktail Menus for the Bar, also was in charge and providing Cocktail Master Classes for our customers as well as training new staff. It was an amazing experience that gave me refreshed Customer Skills, Communication Skills, Time Organization and Teamwork.


Just IT • Front-End Developer

The beginning of my story in Programming. I gathered the funds that I needed to complete this course and was planning 1 year ahead of time in order to finally be able to attend the course I was longing for. Now with new Front-End skills to show, I am here, to show that I can make a difference!


SnobMonkey • Front-End / Web Developer

After completing my course at Just IT, I started my position as a Web Developer with SnobMonkey. I worked on developing websites for our clients, using WordPress, HTML5, CSS3 and PHP. I was involved in collecting initial requirements from ou clients, designing, developing and deploying the websites, always keeping constant contact with our clients, to apply any new changes as they came along, and ensuring our projects fulfilled our client's expectations.


Academia de Código • Full-Stack Software Development

Being programming a career that requires constant learning and updating, I enrolled on a new course, that provided me with a new set of skills. Focusing on Java, this course game me the capability to have a deeper understanding of programming, and made it easier to learn new languages, by using concepts that are common to most programming languages. Covering everything from OOP, Functional Programing, JDBC, Concurrency, and much more, this course made a more capable programmer than before.

I am driven by my curiosity, dynamic work environments and by pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Learning is one of the most pleasurable activities for me

  • The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.

    Bill Gates
  • There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

    Milton Glaser
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